The Poetry of Helen Maas

                        FRIENDSHIP IS A SACRED TRUST

                         Every smile you gave me
                       is embroidered on my heart
                       in stitches small and neat
                       I'll treasure all my life.

                       Every smile you sent my way
                         will light a cloudy day
                       and help me meet the troubles
                         I find along life's way.

                      I pray the Lord will guide us
                      till our lives on earth are thru
                     so we can trod the streets of heaven
                           together, me and you.
                When the moon came up and the sun was down
                I was so thirsty I went downtown.
                The whiskey was flowing, also beer and wine.
                We were all having a wonderful time.

                Now the sun is up and the moon is down.
                Everything is going around and around.
                My pockets are empty, my friends are gone.
                So I guess I better be heading home.

                My wife was so angry, she chased me to the barn.
                Get those cows milked and other chores done.
                Boozing is no way to run a farm.
                I'll see about breakfast or lunch when you're done.

                I got busy right away but it ain't no fun,
                My head is hurtin' there's fuzz on my tongue.
                I'd like to take a snooze in the hay,
                But I think I'm in trouble enough today.
                               MY GRANDMA

                        I love to visit Grandma
                        She loves to have me too.
                        She is a very special lady
                        With eyes so kind and blue.
                        She has lots of pretty flowers
                        Mostly pink and blue.
                        Her house is decorated
                        You guessed it! In pink and blue.
                        She always lets me help her
                        With whatever she has to do.
                        So when I grow up
                        I'll know just what to do.
                        She is very kind and thoughtful
                        And really pretty too.
                        Grandpa loves her dearly
                        And me? You bet I do!!
                             Our Grandpa

                       Little children love him
                      They know he's one of them.
                      Though the face is slightly wrinkled
                        Gray whiskers on his chin
                        The twinkle in his eye
                       Show them the love within.
                      The fact of hair that's thinning
                          doesn't mean a thing.

                      Teenagers seek him out,
                      They think he's really great.
                      He is so full of wisdom
                     But doesn't throw his weight.

                     He can teach them how to bait a hook
                          Or how to dance a lure
                        He can teach them what to say
                         To interest a favorite girl,
                         How especially nice she looks
                         With her hair all in a curl.

                        Yes, Grandpas are a special gift
                           To any boy or girl.

                      AN ODE TO THE BASTIAN DYNASTY

                  There once was a young maiden named Daul
                   Who wasn't sure she liked boys at all.
                   Till she met a young man named Bastian
                   She really couldn't help asking.
                   He dragged his feet for a while
                  Wearing a yoke just wasn't his style.
                       But he was good and kind
                      And since he really didn't mind
                      Agreed to be married in the Fall
                  With seven fine children, they were blest
                      Which added to their happiness.
                      Now the children are all grown
                      And forty-five years gave flown.
                     Though the road was bumpy in places
                  They are still snug in their yoke and traces.
                      With God's help, this little band
                       Await eternity hand in hand.