Good sites for Christians

The Christian Researcher's Homepage: A fabulous place to learn about Jesus and the Bible.
The Pastor's Helper: This is a magnificent resevoir of learning. Not just for pastors.
The Biblical Studies Foundation: A Dallas Seminary supported website. A great place to learn and to find good sermon illustrations.
Christianity Online:
Resource Page for Biblical Studies:
Focus on the Family:
Zion UCC's home page: A great site. Rev. Pedersen's sermons have really helped me a lot.
MCU Virtual Library: Tons of great Christian articles, tracts, sermons, and much more.
Jews for Jesus:
Involved Christian Radio Network:
Bishop TD Jakes:
Immanuel Baptist Church:
Serve Him: A great Christian site with magazines, links to churches, organizations, and Bibles
Ankerberg Theological Research Institute: Cults
Watchman: Cult information
Talking to Jehovah Witnesses:
The Navigators: Interdenominational Bible ministry
Campus Crusade for Christ:
The United Church of Christ:
The United Methodist Church:
The Presbyterian Church, USA:
Goshen: Good Christian site
Amazing Facts:
The Urban Alternative:
Biblical Witness Fellowship:
Prison Fellowship:
Promise Keepers:
Gospel Communications:
Grace To You:
In Touch Ministries: Charles Stanley
Insight For Living: Chuck Swindoll
Through the Bible: J. Vernon McGee's website
Wisdom of the Bible:
34 Tough Questions: Al Denson's website
Bible Study Tools:
Prayer Warriors Online:
Christian Coffeehouse in Cyberspace:
Scripture and Bible Studies:
Fellowship of Christian Athletes:
Pastor's Pointers :
Encyclopedia of Christian Links:
Not Just Bibles:
Internet Resources for Christian Growth:
1998 Christian Resource Index:
National Marriage Encounter:
Christian Near Death Experiences:

Christian Reading

Religion Today: Religious News
Christian Daily News:
Christianity Live News:
Christianity Today: The Magazine
Marriage Partnership:
Christian Classics Ethereal Library: Christian Books Online!
Bible Commentaries:
Today's Christian Woman:
Peace Potter Newsletter:


Bag of Laughs:
Ecunet: Clean holy humor every day
Clean Jokes:
Colossal Humor Page:
1001 Jokes:
Long Jokes:
The Funny Firm: Funny Quotations
The Laugh Bank:
The Late Show - David Letterman:
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno:
Rodney Dangerfield: